Avoiding FOMO

Avoiding FOMO during pregnancy

There can be a number of things to be cautious of or avoid during pregnancy or whilst planning a pregnancy, including drinking alcohol.

There is no safe amount or time to drink alcohol during pregnancy. But just because the safest approach is to go alcohol free, doesn’t mean mums-to-be need to avoid social outings for the entire nine months.

At some point during pregnancy or when planning a pregnancy, you'll probably be at a party, out for a meal or in the pub and you may be the only person not drinking. That’s okay.

Avoiding FOMO during pregnancy

Staying sober in pregnancy – or at any time – doesn't have to be boring. You can be teetotal and still feel part of the fun. It just takes a bit of imagination – here’s our five tips for avoiding FOMO whilst pregnant:

  1. NOMINATE A PARTNER You’re more likely to go alcohol free happily if your partner, friend or family member does too. Think of it as a health holiday for you and your nearest and dearest, a chance for you both to explore other hobbies. You’ll find that there’s little chance of FOMO when your partner is right by your side.
  2. BRING IN THE TREATS Stock your cupboards with go to treats to spoil yourself with when needed. Whether it’s sugary snacks or healthy alternatives you deserve a little something to keep you going through your #DRYMESTER and satisfy those FOMO cravings.
  3. CHOOSE YOUR SOCIAL DRINK Get prepared with an alcohol free drink to take with you to parties or order at social occasions. Having this organised will alleviate anxieties when it comes to drink choice and mean you’re more likely to declinethe ‘small glass of celebratory fizz’. Here’s some ideas:
    • Mocktails Bars and pubs often list non-alcoholic cocktails on their menus. Or ask for your usual cocktail without the vodka or gin.
    • Time for a toast When everyone around you is drinking champagne as a toast, drink sparkling apple or grapefruit juice from a champagne glass.
    • Set your imagination free Why not liven things up? Try your own soft drink combinations… For starters, try cranberry juice, orange juice, sparkling water, ice and lime.
    • Make mine a beer There has been an explosion in alcohol free versions of some of our favourite drinks. Many lagers, craft ales, wines, bubblies and even gins come in an alcohol free alternative. You might be surprised what you’ll find.
  4. JOIN A GROUP OR TAKE PART IN AN ACTIVITY Relax your mind and body at a prenatal yoga class, eat your way through a cooking lesson, go for leisurely swims or join a mum’s support group. Support groups aren’t always for people struggling. There are communities of expectant mothers, under pressure to curb their lifestyle during pregnancy and speaking to others going through a similar experience could just do the trick.
  5. BABY MOON You may be carrying a baby bump, but this could be your last chance to jet off on a baby free getaway. Make the most out of your time and book some time out for you and your nearest and dearest. Whether your dream babymoon is a week in the sun, a walk around the countryside or a spa day, treat yourself to some well-needed P & Q.