FASD NICE Quality Standards Statement 1: Pregnant women are given advice throughout pregnancy not to drink alcohol.
The DRYMESTER campaign resources in their current format are free to access and use, or they can be adapted to suit your messaging and locality. Contact info@drymester.org.uk for more information.

Need to support the Dymester message in Barnsley

Community 0-19 PHNS, Barnsley

My name is Elaine and I’m Healthy Living in Dentistry champion for Merseycare NHS Trust. I run campaigns and displays in the waiting area of our clinic promoting Healthy Living.

River Alt Centre for dental Excellence, Livepool

I am a healthy living dentistry champion

Drymester, Sandbach, Cheshire

We’re supporting #DRYMESTER because we are a healthy living dentistry practice who want to raise awareness on health campaigns and with this one coming up we want to run it in our practice

Dental practice, Radcliffe, Manchester

I am a Maternity matron and passionate about FASD education.

NHS Trust, Worceser

To give advice and provide support.

Drug and Alcohol Service, Hyde


Healthcare, NHS Manchester

I’m a welfare champion for my organisation and would like raise awareness of FASD and encourage healthy pregnancies amongst staff

Global Footwear Brand, Bury

I’m a trainee child-psychotherapist and I’m keen to learn more about FASD so I can support clients who might have the challenges of living with either diagnosed or undiagnosed FASD.

Student, London

it’s important

Consultion service for addictions, luxembourg

GP Practice, Sheffield

I am the Lead Alcohol Specialist Nurse at MRI

Hospital, Manchester

We want to encourage healthier happier pregnancies and babies.

Dentist, Manchester

Staff who are pregnant & it’s a community business in Hulme, Manchester

Garden projects, Manchester

#Drymester Journeys

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