FASD NICE Quality Standards Statement 1: Pregnant women are given advice throughout pregnancy not to drink alcohol.
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The Healthiest Approach for Your Baby This Christmas

Christmas brings with it parties and gatherings, which might make it feel harder than usual to avoid alcohol when you’re pregnant.

The Chief Medical Officers guidance is that if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, the safest approach is not to drink alcohol at all to avoid affecting your baby’s development and growth.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the festive season whilst doing the best thing for you and your baby:

  1. Be upfront. Tell people you’re going alcohol free as advised by the Chief Medical Officers and you aren’t going to risk affecting your baby’s health. You could even take control and host your own alcohol free party or gathering.
  2. Recruit a buddy. It’s easier to go alcohol free if your partner or friend does it with you. Why not ask them to take part in #DRYMESTER and enjoy time together without the hangovers.
  3. Find support. If you’re struggling to go alcohol free, we have various resources to help and you can contact your midwife or GP or find specialist support services here.
  4. It’s the little things. Remember that Christmas is really about family and spending time with loved ones, don’t feel like you’re missing out by not drinking alcohol. Relax, say yes to those family board games or put your feet up and watch a Christmas film with your nearest and dearest.
  5. 12 Mocktails of Christmas. There are so many great non-alcoholic drink options available now that you won’t feel like you’re missing out. We’ve selected 12 tasty alcohol free alternatives for your typical festive drink – including Mulled (without the) Wine, Crimson Christmas Punch and Alcohol-free Egg Nog. You can access these by signing up and viewing our Parents-to-be resources here.

So, go on, raise an alcohol free glass or two this Chrsitmas to celebrate the festive season in style and keep risks to babies to a minimum.

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